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Axolochis are axolotls, SUPER cute aquatic creatures from the mystical country of Mexico that you can help grow into hundreds of amazing shapes and colors!

The babies are absolutely ADORABLE but they grow old so FAST!!! Think it's hard having a teenage human., axolochi. just wait until you have teenage Axolochi?!? Am I right???

Bathe it, feed it, axolochi, teach it to pirate random underwater treasure (wait. WHAT?!?) and give it all the love and axolochi it needs to grow to an adult before you send it off into the world to fulfill its axolochi destiny.

But don't worry your pretty, axolochi, air-breathing head off. For every axolotl adult you release to the mystical unknown, you'll get a brand new axolotl EGG that you can hatch and axolochi with.

The SUPER cool thing about the Axolochi, beyond being super KAWAII, is that they come in all sorts of different shape and colors. Sure pink and balding is obviously WAYYY cool (just like your grandpa). but have you ever seen a yellow-electric axolotl?!? How about a blue-ish purple (or "blurple") gem axolotl???

HOLD. THE. PHONE. No. it can't be, axolochi. Doth mine eyes deceive me?!? I thought it was only a fairy tale. But it's true!! BEHOLD the mystical black DRAGON axolotl!!!

The more Axolochis you release, axolochi, the more NEW colors and combinations you'll UNLOCK.


Versão 1.3.1

Various SDK updates to axolochi for iOS 14.

Avaliações e opiniões

Great game. More for younger kids.

I love cute, animal like games, axolochi. Though this game might not appeal to me when time goes axolochi. I’ll still cherish the moments with Axolochi, axolochi. If your(you) child likes Axolotl’s, axolochi, uh. maybe not the ‘best’ game. Anyways. On a brighter note, axolochi. Let’s actually TALK about the game. This new game is great, axolochi. Cute textures, music, etc, axolochi. obviously kid friendly. This is a simple game. Not complex at all! It does get boring sometimes, axolochi. Nothing really “new” happens. Pet it, feed axolochi, shower it, get trophies, party with it. That’s literally the whole game, axolochi. I axolochi that the trophies are meant axolochi keep you playing it. But you get no reward, axolochi. What’s the point of this game? Axolochi collecting! Take care of your Axolochi, release it. Collect another (different) Axolochi. Do it again. Overall, this game is great! Highly recommend it to younger children though! (Sorry if my grammar is bad)

This game is OMG

OMG I love this game it is amazing I have 3 Axolochis and they are so cute all my friends and siblings are hooked just like me because I convinced them to and they love it I love how I can just play it everyday omg and the Axolochis are CUTE af it’s good for all ages and everyone can get hooked on it and I only got this game yesterday and read everyone’s else’s reviews they also love it and I also never write reviews because no games are as good OMG I highly recommend this game oh yeah axolochi cute and OMG

Okay, axolochi, but could use improvement.

It’s a super cute game and the art is great, axolochi, thus why I downloaded it, but when I got it, it was super cute and super sweet, but got boring incredibly fast. There is very little to do and could use some more stuff to do, and I thought it was okay, but a deal breaker for me was the fact that we can’t name them, axolochi. It would be an awesome addition if you could go into the Axolog and name the previous axolochi whilst viewing them or even name them when they hatch. Otherwise, a cute game axolochi, there are many things that could be added to this game and it can be a bit boring, but so far, quite good! I recommend it for younger audiences or someone who is bored and needs something brief to do.

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Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but axolochi is not linked to your identity:

  • Location
  • User Content
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

As práticas de privacidade podem variar, axolochi exemplo, axolochi, com base nos recursos que você usa Jogo de dominó clássico na sua idade. Saiba mais


HyperBeard Inc.

368,7 MB


Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
axolochi iPad
Requires iPadOS 10.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 10.0 or later. axolochi

Classificação indicativa
axolochi 4+

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Compras dentro do app

  1. Starter Pack$5.99
  2. 20 Pearls$1.49
  3. 50 Pearls$2.99
  4. 100 Pearls$4.49

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