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Jogo de colorir Didi

Didi & Friends Coloring Book

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Show off your creativity with this coloring book about Didi and her friends. A fun, fully digital and reusable coloring book for kids, parents, and preschoolers. Features: - Several thematic templates "Didi and friends", Jogo de colorir Didi, with which you can start the game - Choose brushes of different sizes and colors - Full-screen mode for full immersion in the atmosphere - Undo colors with the eraser - Save your work and print it out. This feature is great for classrooms - Color interesting characters from the series Didi and her friends - Positive design theme, colors create a good atmosphere. You can choose from a wide Kogama Crazy Parkour of colors, templates, and tools. This digital coloring book for kids is also equipped with original color pictures to help you in coloring your latest works of art. After that, you can save Jogo de colorir Didi work as a PNG file to print it out or post it on social networks.

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