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Jogue em casa

Play at Home on <b>Jogue em casa</b> your Origin System adventure or give yourself a boost with the Warframe Starter Bundle, now free on PlayStation as we join their Play At Home campaign!</p><p>While our Orbiters are safely docked, <a href=Jogo de Vestir para Festa At Home is offering a great selection of free in-game content and entertainment on PlayStation to help brighten your spring months.

Starting May 17, you’ll be able to claim the Warframe Starter Bundle free, Jogue em casa, a jam-packed bundle full of Platinum, Credits, Boosters, Slots, Customizations and much more! Plus: Get an exclusive Liset Skin, only available during this promotion.

Play at Home on PlayStation

The Warframe Starter Bundle features:

100 Platinum
Warframe’s in-game premium currency.

100,000 Credits
Warframe’s earnable in-game currency

1 Orokin Reactor
Upgrade the Mod Capacity of your Warframes.

1 Orokin Catalyst
Upgrade the Mod Capacity of your Weapons.

1 Warframe Slot
Add New Warframes to your collection with more Warframe Slots!

2 Balanço final Slots
More Inventory space for Weapons in your Arsenal.

1 Essential Base Damage Mod Bundle
Apply these Mods to your Weapons for an instant Damage boost!

7-Day Affinity Booster
Level up twice as fast.

7-Day Credit Booster
Earn 2x the Credits!

Pyra Syandana
During the Orokin Era, only the most fierce warriors were permitted to wear this flaming Syandana.

Kumuda Glyph
Show your Warframe Pride with this exclusive Glyph you can display in your Profile!

Kumuda Sigil
Pay respect to the Lotus with this elegant Sigil you can apply to your Warframes.

BONUS: Liset Zikha Skin
An exclusive new adornment for your Jogue em casa Craft.

Play at Home on PlayStation

Only one Bundle may be claimed per account. If you have previously purchased the Starter Pack, you may also claim this Bundle once, Jogue em casa. Warframe’s Play at Home campaign ends June 7 at 2:59 a.m. ET.

Get your Starter Bundle and Play at Home with Warframe!






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